slow but sure i am making progress on the new website
it has not only a new layout,
i am also using a new CMS called Joomla

i hope to add some other projects of mine in to this one
so i get all-encompassing

and from there out you will be easy to go from one
project to another project ....





To Do List !

Adding groups and categories
Creating new pictures
Adding my other projects to the site
Start working on Poem project

and what else i forgot ill add later to the list


About me.

here is a little info

I'm male ... ( ofc you already notice that on the pic at front page :p )
43 old ( sjeesh i'm an old geezer :p )

my hobbys are :
PC - Internet

spending lot of time on pointless things :p like watching tv :p
anything else feel free to ask  :p

thats about it

here some nice phrases / quotes i love  :

Be Mindful of what you throw away,
Be careful of what you push away,
And think real hard before you walk away...!!!!


Live in the moment but learn from the past



And welcome stranger…
Welcome to My world

this is the world of gekkie Kidd
here you find what intrest me
and what my hobbys are

( Pic will be added soon )
I hope you enjoy your stay and
have fun watching my pictures,
reading the poems i found


gekkie Kidd